• 2 Small Size Headbands @ $54 doz wholesale ($4.50 each)        – Suggested Retail $10 – $12 each
  • 2 Medium Size Headbands @ $54 doz wholesale ($4.50 each)    – Suggested Retail $10 – $12 each
  • 2 Large Size Headbands @ $54 doz wholesale  ($7.00 each)      – Suggested Retail $10 – $12 each
  • 3 Sheer Headwrap Scarves @ $84 doz wholesale ($7.00 each)   – Suggested Retail $15 – $18 each
  • 3 Short Headwrap Scarves @ $84 doz wholesale ($7.00 each)    – Suggested Retail $15 – $18 each


  • Fair Trade Fundraisers Hand Made by Women’s Craft Co-op’s
  • Expertly Hand Woven with Intricate Detail
  • 100% Cotton Threads, Stretchy Elastic Band, Non-Slip Fabric
  • Lightweight Material, Breathable, Open Net Weave
  • Hand Wash, No Soaking, Mild Soap, Air Dry
Are you looking for ‘money makers’ to resell in your salon, shop, or booth? Let Inspirit Arts help you double your money with these popular handmade hair accessories. Our wholesale package was expertly created to make you a hit with any crowd, age, location or niche market. The colors and styles have been tried and tested for over 20 years at festivals, sports games, walk-a-thons, concerts, markets, house parties, conferences, and all types of retail outlets. Be the first to offer head wrapping in your area. It’s a ‘no brainer’ for hair, health, fashion and beauty professionals who need to stand out with something unique, meaningful and trendy.

INSPIRIT ARTS is a humanitarian fundraising collective and online community that supports self employment and social entrepreneurship through distributing hand made headwrapping products (www.facebook.com/groups/InspiritHeadwrappingArts). Our specialty at Inspirit Arts Academy is coaching entrepreneurs how to demonstrate and sell head wraps for business and philanthropic fundraising (www.InspiritArtsAcademy.com). You are welcome to join our meetup group to request and schedule a head wrapping vendor workshop in your area (www.Meetup.com/Inspirit-Arts).

DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME. Your customers will be impressed by the quality and intricate detail of these hand made items. Search and browse through other Inspirit Arts listings for detailed product descriptions and photos. Hand made items may vary according to the whim of the artisans who made them. The pack you receive will be very similar but not exactly the same as the those pictured here. The color themes included in each pack are Earthtone, Rainbow, Reggae, Bright, Multi-Colored, Jewel Tones and Solid Colors.

All hand made items are best dry cleaned, or hand washed in cold water with mild soap, salt or vinegar. Lay flat to air dry. Machine washing and drying causes damage, color loss, and shrinkage.


HEADBANDS: These breathable cotton headbands are expertly hand woven for a unique texture that securely grips even silky soft hair without slipping. The open net weave has gaps between the threads allowing air to ventilate through. They make caps when spread fully open and tucked in back. Measure around hairline for sizing. 

  • SMALL is a children’s size and stretches from 19″ to 22 
  • MEDIUM for large children, teenagers and small adults stretches from 21″ to 23? or 24?.
  • LARGE for most adults stretches from 23″ to 25 or 26″. 
  • EXTRA LARGE are slightly longer. 

SHEER HEADWRAP HAIR SCARF measures 17″ wide and 5.5 feet long. These 100% cotton scarves are expertly woven by hand for a unique texture that securely grips to the most silky soft hair without slipping, even when sleeping. The sheer open-net weave is very light weight and comfortable to wear because it allows air to pass through. They can be worn as neck scarves and even full cover head wraps on warm days. Various uses include Neck Scarves, Shawls, Head Wraps, Hair Scarves, Turbans, Waist Sashes, Shawls, Head Ties and Bandanna Head Covers.

SHORT HEADWRAP HAIR SCARF measures 12″ wide and 4.5 feet long.  Short Four Season Scarves are thick enough to break a cold wind keeping ears and neck warm in the winter. They are also light enough for Summer head wraps to keep hair off the neck and sun off the scalp. The 100% cotton threads are expertly hand woven for a unique texture that securely grips to silky soft hair without slipping even when sleeping. These short scarves are a perfect length for tying turbans, ear warmers, bandannas, neck ties, halter tube tops, and waist belt sashes. 


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